Fully customisable textured shower tray. Made with resin and mineral light fillers using the latest s-tex® multi-layered finish technology, which guarantees faultless technical and aesthetic finishing properties.


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  • Select the texture/finish of your shower tray:

    Click here to view texture details.

    IMPORTANT: the pictures, measurements and colours are for informational purposes only. The light, calibration or viewing angle, among others, may alter what is perceived on the screen. Contact our technical department for further details, as returns for such reasons will not be accepted.

    Select the model according to the drain cover design and the syphon location.

    IMPORTANT: We recommend selecting the SQUARE option instead of DOUBLE SQUARE for widths under 80 cm (<80 cm) to avoid reducing the slopes performance and, generally speaking, the product aesthetics.

    Select whether you want a standard size * or a custom size/cut ** . Please select width and length.

    There is a €20 surcharge for every custom cut. Every cut is fully finished in shape and colour.

    * Other sizes available upon request

    ** The custom cut may have a +/- 0.5 mm tolerance.

    Please select the colour of your shower tray. Standard colour collection 2022 or custom RAL colour *:

    * There is a €30€ surcharge for custom RAL colours. Please note that selecting custom colours may delay your order delivery by up to two additional weeks.

    IMPORTANT: RAL colours display may differ from one screen to another. Use the colour printout on this page for reference only. We recommend using a physical RAL colour chart for a correct display.

    Drain cover model

    Please make sure you select your shower tray model before selecting your drain cover model.

    Select the drain cover model. Stainless steel or colour *.

    Select the drain cover model. Stainless steel or colour *.

    Click here to view drain cover details.

    * There is a €36€ surcharge for the colour-matched drain cover.

    IMPORTANT: The colour-matched drain cover will systematically be the Square Colour model. Should you want a different colour for your drain cover, please contact our sales department.


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